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When we cater we often provide pizzas and boneless hot wings. For graduations, weddings and corporate events we also provide salads. We may be able to provide other items upon request.

Hot Wings (Boneless)

Our boneless wings are breaded and we serve them plain with several sauce options for you to choose from!

Personal Pizzas

When you are hungry a personal pizza fills one up well. If you’re wanting a snack,a personal pizza shares well with a pal!


Its plain and simple.

Just the way you like it. Also known as the kiddie pizza.


The classic.

Just cheese and pepperoni. What more could one want?

Sausage & Mushroom
Just plain good.

There’s something soulful about this one.

The Veggie

The pretty pizza.

Peppers, mushrooms and onions arranged in a picturesque arrangement on a fire baked crust.

Beef & Onion

Hearty and tasty.

It’s a midwestern thing.

Specialty Pizzas

Chicken Bacon Ranch
A fan fav!

Light and tasty with a sweet blend of cheese, chicken, bacon and a base of ranch. Drizzle on hot sauce in a swirl for a kick.

BBQ Pulled Pork
Warming and Delightful!

Pulled pork, cheese and the perfect amount of BBQ!

The Bronco
The Pizza Maker’s Fav

Its got the meats and its got the heat! Also known as the macho pizza.

All Meat
Yes Please!

Pepperoni, Sausage, Beef and Canadian Bacon.

Pineapple does belong on pizza!

Pineapple and Canadian Bacon

The Mamacita

The subtle slide onto the menu.
The wife’s take on the bronco: pepperoni with mild pepperoncini peppers.

**Don’t see your fav pizza combination? Let us know, we can specialize for your event!**

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